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Ascended Guild Charter

General Information
Ascended is a gaming community that developed from a variety of gaming interests. Our largest membership interest is in World of Warcraft and other Blizzard games such as Hearthstone, DIablo 3, and Heroes of the Storm. Our goal is primarily to provide an organization that allows all members to fully enjoy our supported games. The only real requirement we have is that you participate and help your fellow guild members, and do so respectfully. This means that you attend guild events, defend the guild and its members when needed, and volunteer to help fellow members in need. We all support each other.

    World of Warcraft
    In WoW, we are a non-RP, Alliance guild located on the Bonechewer-US server. As a community, we are best characterized as a “Casual Raiding” guild. To us, this means that we are a casual guild composed of members of varying interests, in which raiding is not a requirement. We run a Heroic quality raid with that utilizes the flex aspect of raid. We don't try to force you down to a certain class. We encourage playing the class you have the most fun with, but ask that you stay focused during raids to help us optimize our progression.

    Heroes of the Storm
    League of Legends is a fast growing interest among our membership. On any given evening you can find a handful of folks interested in grouping up, filling a variety of roles. Feel free to add members of if you'd like to join!

    Other Supported Games
    Our forums support the following other games: Guild Wars 2, Starcraft 2, Diablo 3, Heroes of the Storm and more to come!

Ascended started out as Knights of Vengeance back in January 2005, and was founded by Apophus (who has since retired from World of Warcraft). The guild has grown and absorbed many members from many backgrounds while keeping much of its core membership intact. Many of our members date from the original founding of the guild.

Being a Member
Our members are expected to be mature representations of our guild. Most of our members are 21+, but our age requirement is currently 18+.

We protect this guild like it is a second family. That said, in a guild as large as ours, personality conflicts can and will happen from time to time. When these occur, we expect our members to handle them with respect, and where necessary to rely on peers and Officers in the guild to mediate disputes.

Ascended players treat others with respect and maturity. Sure, some risque joking is fine, but the general expectation is that things remain “PG-13.” In chat and on our forums, we treat our guildmates considerately and we respect when other people feel uncomfortable. We do not discriminate on basis of race, color, ethnic origin, national origin, creed, religion, political belief, sex, sexual orientation, or marital status.

All players are to be treated with respect and honor. We're playing games and there is no need to harass, personally insult, or otherwise ruin the playing experience of another player. This extends to all players, and even the opposing faction or server when applicable. Excessive griefing is not acceptable. Likewise, there will be no kill-stealing, ninja-looting or similar behavior allowed. Ascended members are to be the pillars of the respective gaming communities even when in pick-up groups (PUGs) - our reputation as good people and players is paramount.

We expect our players to be able to use good judgment in knowing when competition, retaliation, and banter cross the line.

Examples of Violations
  1. Racist or hurtful comments in Public, General/Map, Party, Guild chats, or the forums.
  2. Excessive cursing and off color topics in guild chat. While we are all adults, we expect you to keep guild chat relatively clean. Treat it as you would a public place. Guild chat and our forums are rated PG-13 and you are expected to keep it that way. F-bombs are not acceptable.
  3. Sexism, bigotry, and anything that can be perceived as such will not be tolerated (e.g. the word "rape" is not taken lightly around here).
  4. Guild chat and our forums are not a public venue to discuss religion, politics, or any other controversial subject. These venues belong to the guild as a whole, and we are here to enjoy a game. If you would like to discuss such topics in-game, feel free to make your own chat channel when applicable or take it in tells. Chat or forum posts will be moderated if they're over the line.
  5. Extreme abuse of the chat features - repeatedly posting a comment over and over and over and over and over...
  6. Extreme corpse camping, graveyard camping, and/or lowbie griefing. Use appropriate force. This behavior is never acceptable “for fun.”
  7. When in parties with those inside and outside of our guild, we expect you to be respectful of other party members in regards to looting. Do not roll on every single item if you can't use it or don't need it, and do not get angry and berate someone if you don't get something that you wanted. This will not be tolerated at all.
  8. Kill stealing is NOT acceptable - especially with fellow alliance members. (This also includes mining and other gathering professions.)

Examples 6-8 are World of Warcraft specific, but you can use them as a guideline for the type of behavior that we don't condone and apply it to all other games.

At some point during the application process, you will be asked for a pass-phrase. This pass-phrase is “chooky”.

Forum Use
Our expectations are the same outside of the game. When posting on forums, including both our own and other WoW or Blizzard related (official or unofficial) forums, our members should remember at all times that they are representing this guild. We expect our members to do their best to leave people with a positive impression of this guild.

We also ask our members to not discuss guild matters outside of guild chat and our private forums. Our internal discussions and issues are nobody else’s business.

Changes and Updates
Our members are expected to stay relatively current (within reason) on the contents of our website and forum.

To establish common expectations and rules to keep our community working, we have created a collection of articles and Frequently Asked Questions to cover more in-depth those topics not explicitly spelled out here. These are available via our website, and we ask our members to be aware of their contents. These are updated periodically, as necessary.

In the end, the thing we most expect most from our members is to have fun - and as such the use of pants is generally frowned upon!

In truth, we are a laid back group of people, and have formed the guild with the idea that everyone should get maximum enjoyment from the guild. We want all of our members to be able to experience as much of the Ascended gaming community as possible, and to have fun while doing so.

If you have any further questions, you can direct them to any of the officers and we will do our best to answer them. Please check the website often for any updates or new events as guild information will always be posted here.

Thank you for reading and we'll see you in the game!

-- Pallymar, Guild Leader of Ascended

This document is current as of 7/20/17. This document is subject to change. Please revisit it periodically to be certain that you are always aware of what is expected from you to be an active participant in Ascended.
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