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Ascended's Philosophy
Different guilds focus on different goals when they organize group play, and these goals reflect, to some extent, the underlying philosophy of the guild as a whole. Ascended has never been about pushing the bleeding edge of content, enforcing performance requirements or minimum time commitments. Ascended is a community that exists to help each and every member achieve the things they want to achieve, and to have fun while they do it. Participating in organized group play is not mandatory, as we respect the fact that it doesn’t interest everybody. While the main focus is to have fun, anyone that decides that they want to come along for the ride must also make sure that they come prepared and are ready to give their best effort. Guild members are expected to treat both other members and non-members with respect and consideration, and that carries over into group play as well. We’re all adults around here, so there shouldn’t need to be much to say about general behavior beyond that.

Ascended maintains an official presence within World of Warcraft. Different groups will tend to organize themselves slightly differently, but the following guidelines should give you a fairly good idea of what to expect.

Each group is led by a designated member of the guild leadership that takes responsibility for putting together the group for each event. This is usually communicated to the group in a forum thread in the appropriate subforum. Feel free to discuss group composition, strategies or tips in the roster thread, just so long as the discussion is meant to benefit the group. There is to be no complaining about being benched in these threads, contact the group leader privately if you have any questions or concerns about why you may have been left off of a particular roster. The group leaders are always open to discussion, but keep in mind that their decisions are final. If you have personal reasons for being unable to make a raid that you’ve been put on the roster for, let the group leader know as soon as possible. Real life situations take precedence over the game, and accommodations will be made as necessary.

World of Warcraft
In general, the main group activity for Ascended in WoW tends to be raiding. While the following guidelines are written with this in mind, you should still follow the spirit of them in other types of group situations such as organized PvP. In short: listen to the group leader, play nice, and be prepared.

During a raid, there are a few things to keep in mind:
  • Listen to the raid leader. When a raid is in progress, the raid leader is in charge of who does what and when they do it. Suggestions are fine, but don’t push the issue. Raid leaders have final say on strategies, and the success of many encounters hinges on everybody doing their jobs in a coordinated fashion. If you feel the need to get into in-depth discussion about strategies, it’s usually best accomplished on the forum.
  • Try to keep voice chatter to a minimum during boss fights. If something goes wrong, the ability of the raid leader to clearly communicate what needs to happen can be the difference between a dead boss and a dead raid.
  • Please don’t go AFK if you can help it outside of breaks. If you do need to go extinguish the cat or something, at least let the group know you might be a minute.

Though there are many, many addons available for WoW, we only have three required addons and one program for organized groups:
  • Discord - Voice chat.
  • Deadly Boss Mods - Boss timers and warnings.
  • Omen Threat Meter (or similar) - Keeps track of threat.
  • oRA3 - Allows raid leaders to keep track of the raid’s status.
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