Classes We Are Recruiting

We are recruiting selected classes.

Classes We Are Recruiting

PostAuthor: Bluevalkyrie » 9/06/2007 4:01 pm

We have several recruiting needs at this point in time and our hope is that YOU can help fill one or more of them:
1) Raiders - We have a twice weekly normal/heroic raid group. We are willing to consider any roles, we're more interested in the person than the class.
2) Casual members / PvP'ers -- We are always looking for people that have no desire to raid, but are looking for a place to call home, as we are a community first and foremost.

Current raid days and times:
Flex Normal/Heroic Mondays 8pm-11pm Server Time, Wednesdays 8pm-11pm Server Time
Note: Server Time = Central Standard Time

Here is what you can expect if your application is accepted:
You will be put on Guild Initiate status for a minimum of one month. During this time we will assess your personality fit within the guild and your levels of effort and performance. While we cannot guarantee entry in every raid to which you sign up, we will do what we can to accommodate your schedule (just as we do with all who wear the Ascended tag). Initiates do not have access to the guild bank.

Upon acceptance as an Initiate, you will receive a higher level of access to our member forums so you can communicate with the rest of the guild. You will not have complete access until your Initiate period is over and you are accepted as a full member of Ascended.
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